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Growth Rates are Expected to Range Between 10-15% for Next Three to Five Years

2013-12-4 22:14:51 Viewers:

The author has published a study of the China market for battery management systems (BMS). The study, which focuses on automotive, energy storage and backup battery BMS's, estimates that China's domestic market is currently worth RMB 400 Mn.

Growth in demand for battery management systems is being driven by government support of new energy industries, including subsidies for purchases of new energy vehicles as well as investment in energy storage power plants. While there is huge potential for the new energy sector, at present adoption of electric cars and the use of batteries for large scale energy storage remain limited (in the case of the former) and largely experimental (in the case of the latter).

Growth rates are expected to range between 10-15% for the next three to five years. Rapid growth in the BMS market will occur alongside growth in demand for electric vehicles. This will only occur, however, once the price of battery technology comes down significantly. According to suppliers and industry experts this could take up to 10 years.

This Limited Publication Study (LPS) provides an in-depth understanding of the BMS market in Mainland China. The sections are further broken down into three types of battery management system: automotive (electric car, low-speed EV, electric bus), energy storage, and backup battery. The report is based on a study of the production, sales, distribution and application of these BMS across China, and in their predominant end-user industries (target market). Included is a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the market's size, trends, development, key participants and opportunities.

This study covers three types of battery management system: automotive (electric car, low-speed EV, electric bus), energy storage, and backup battery.

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